• The Columbus Panhandles participated in what is considered to be the first ever NFL game, on October 3, 1920. The Panhandles lost that day, 14-0, to the Dayton Triangles.
  • The Columbus Panhandles were founded in 1901 by workers at the Panhandle shops of the Pennsylvania railroad. They played from 1907-1919 in the legendary Ohio League, before becoming a charter member of the American Professional Football Association in 1920.
  • Joseph Car, the owner of the Panhandles, utilized one the railroad’s policies to his advantage. Since most of the team’s players were employed by the railroad, they could ride the train free of charge. Because of this perk, Carr was able to schedule mostly road games, eliminating the expenses of stadium rental, game promotion, and security for the field.
  • The Panhandles adopted a sandlot mentality for their playing style. Many of the players were railroad workers. The long work hours provided limited time for leisure so a majority of the practices occurred during the daily lunch break – 15 minutes of eating followed by 45 minutes of practice. A field behind the railroad shops in Columbus became the team’s practice field.